August 2015 Andrew Schwartz
Researchers and graduates from the Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing program at UC San Francisco School of Nursing are demonstrating the power of an often-misunderstood specialty to have a dramatic impact on population health.
July 2015 Andrew Schwartz
UC San Francisco School of Nursing alumnus Joe Niemczura has spent many summers and most of 2015 in Nepal, teaching advanced cardiac life support skills to nurses and medical students. When the April earthquake shook the country, the Nepali students he trained were prepared to help.
June 2015 Andrew Schwartz
Sociologist Howard Pinderhughes has dedicated his career to preventing violence and its impact on the health of individuals and communities. His latest book – rooted in 15 years of community-based research – adds another level of analysis to the discussion.
June 2015 Andrew Schwartz
By working with a coalition of neighborhood groups focused on protecting children in one of San Francisco’s highest-crime areas, students in a public health nursing program gain hands-on experience that expands their skill set for addressing issues of population health.
September 2014 Andrew Schwartz
A long and fruitful collaboration between UC San Francisco School of Nursing and the Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance forges a model for successful global health initiatives.
September 2014 Diana Austin
A new collaboration between UC San Francisco and Partners in Health aims to strengthen the health care infrastructure in Haiti to improve the health of the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country.
September 2014 Andrew Schwartz
Interprofessional work on the island of Roatán – in close partnership with the health system there and a nongovernmental organization – is a win-win for all participants and serves as one model for engaging in global health.
September 2014 Ella Harris, Nichole Mosher and Ashley Ramirez
Three advanced practice nursing students take advantage of UCSF Global Health Sciences to experience the unique challenges and rewards of helping a resource-challenged hospital deliver better nursing care.
July 2014 Diana Austin
Fragmented systems and services affect the quality of care for children with complex, chronic health needs. Overcoming the fragmentation requires partnerships among families, providers and various support organizations.
June 2014 Martha Ross
By providing doula birth services and training in Bay Area jails, UCSF students and faculty aim to transform individuals and communities.