Kathryn Lee (right) with Cass Piper Sandoval, RN, in the UCSF Medical Center Cardiac ICU (photo and video by Elisabeth Fall)
April 2015 • By Elisabeth Fall and Andrew Schwartz

Concerned that shift work and long hours were compromising the health and safety of patients and nurses, in late 2014 the American Nurses Association issued a position statement to help employers and nurses collaborate to make more informed decisions about work conditions.

The recommendations include:

  • Giving nurses the right to accept or reject a work assignment based on preventing risks from fatigue, and recognizing that rejecting an assignment does not constitute “patient abandonment” and should not be subject to “retaliation.”
  • That registered nurses not exceed 40 hours of professional nursing work in a seven-day period, and that shifts be limited to 12 hours or less.
The Dean's Blog | David Vlahov

This month, Science of Caring article highlights research that provides important insights into the health needs of older adults living alone. Among the story’s unspoken questions is this one: How does a school of nursing decide where to focus its research efforts?

This is a more complex challenge than one might expect, as nursing research covers a wide range of topics in its efforts to improve patient care and community health, as well as shape health policy. At UC San Francisco School of Nursing, we are in the process of defining criteria that will help shape and sharpen our research themes moving forward.

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