Guest Blog: Annette Carley, Michele Foster, Carla Medina

Medical Center Investment Shows Importance of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

In 2015, UCSF Medical Center provided a strategic financial investment that allowed the neonatal nursing specialty program to reopen at UC San Francisco School of Nursing. This investment is a win-win for both the medical center and the School, because neonatal nurse practitioners (NNPs) are an essential component of the skilled workforce needed to deliver high-quality care to neonates and infants requiring intensive care. As NNPs, we have roles as leaders, clinical experts, educators, researchers and consultants in settings that include the intensive care nursery (ICN), transport, convalescent care, outreach and neonatal follow-up.

Our School was long an active training site for NNPs – and a source of NNPs for UCSF Health – but the program had been on hiatus for two years. The medical center’s investment ensured a dedicated commitment to clinical training through preceptor engagement with UCSF Medical Center NNPs. That is absolutely crucial because NNP training opportunities are limited regionally and nationally due to many recent program closures.

In Memoriam: Grace Obata Amemiya
Grace Obata Amemiya passed away on July 23. We recall her exceptional character, and the contributions she made to nursing.
School is Top NIH Recipient

School ranks #1 in NIH funding for Schools of Nursing in the United States for fourth straigth year. Take a look at our top recipients and their research.