November 2014 Kate Darby Rauch
Two recent graduates bring their skills and education to the country’s only HIV/AIDS consultation call center for health care providers and receive valuable hands-on experience in return.
September 2014 Diana Austin
Faculty and students from UC San Francisco School of Nursing have recently been recognized for contributions to research and teaching.
August 2014 Diana Austin
School of Nursing faculty and students have been recognized for their contributions to the health of their communities across a variety of fields, including cardiology, midwifery and public health.
July 2014 Andrew Schwartz
Former UCSF School of Nursing dean was at the forefront of a revolution that transformed nursing forever and still resonates today.
June 2014 Andrew Schwartz
UCSF School of Nursing faculty and alumni celebrate an impressive list of accomplishments in service, research and education.
June 2014 Kate Darby Rauch
Combining the practice of mindfulness-based meditation with childbirth is Nancy Bardacke’s life work.
June 2014 Laurie Jurkiewicz
As a San Francisco General Hospital nurse-midwife and assistant clinical professor, Laurie Jurkiewicz cares for women and mentors students in a wide variety of settings.
May 2014 Elisabeth Fall and Andrew Schwartz
Even as she helps clients in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, Esker-D Ligon helps nurse practitioner students gain hands-on experience delivering mental health services.
May 2014 Diana Austin
School of Nursing faculty, students and alumni garner national recognition for their work in a wide variety of fields, including pediatrics, geriatrics and health policy.
March 2014 Martha Ross
Pediatric nurse practitioner Meg Zweiback helps parents deal with the everyday challenges of raising young children.