February 2016 Diana Austin
Nurse practitioner Ann Reppun inspires advanced practice nursing and medical students to bring their passion and knowledge to caring for the underserved.
February 2016 Louis Ward
Just two years young, UC San Francisco School of Nursing’s Master of Science in Healthcare Administration and Interprofessional Leadership program is already shaping a new generation of innovative and compassionate health care leadership. Louis Ward is one such leader.
December 2015 Diana Austin
PhD student Linda Darlene Gregory is using her research and experience to help find ways to increase diversity in scientific research.
November 2015 Andrew Schwartz
The American Academy of Nursing recognizes Marylin Dodd as a Living Legend, for her seminal contributions to symptom management and patient self-care.
November 2015 Andrew Schwartz
Dean Emerita and Professor Emerita Kathleen Dracup is one of the UCSF Medal winners for 2015.
November 2015 Andrew Schwartz
Two UCSF military veterans tell the stories of their service.
October 2015 Diana Austin and Susan Godstone
Nursing’s worldwide impact on global health is reflected in the work of four of UC San Francisco School of Nursing’s faculty and alumni.
September 2015 Martha Ross
When she joined the UC San Francisco School of Nursing late last year, Stella Aguinaga Bialous brought an impressive résumé as a tobacco researcher, policy expert and nursing scholar.
August 2015 Andrew Schwartz
Professor Emerita Barbara Resnik founded the School’s Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing program and has seen it grow into one of the finest of its kind in the nation.
August 2015 Martha Ross
A UC San Francisco alumna and retired faculty member continues her career-long effort to champion transcultural nursing.