June 2013 Diana Austin
Lisa Thompson’s pilot study looks at the effects exposure to indoor air pollutants have on the neurodevelopment of children in rural Guatemala.
June 2013 Ifeyinwa Asiodu
Doctoral student Ifeyinwa Asiodu seeks to improve the health of African American newborns by uncovering the reasons behind breastfeeding disparities.
May 2013 Tara Walhart
Conducting basic research to prevent potentially fatal repercussions from HPV infection is another way to be a public health nurse.
May 2013 Kate Darby Rauch
Caroline Stephens aims to reduce unnecessary and jarring emergency room trips for the frail elderly.
April 2013 Diana Austin
The research of nurse scientist Elena Flowers could eventually lead to more personalized – and more effective – interventions for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
March 2013 Martha Ross
UCSF School of Nursing faculty member tests new strategies that target the “intertwined epidemics” of HIV/AIDS and methamphetamine use.
March 2013 Diana Austin
UCSF Master’s Entry Program in Nursing student Kelly McGrath’s research may eventually lead to more-effective treatments for people with mild-to-moderate asthma.
March 2013 Emily Green
How does the stress of fitting in to a new culture affect the health of immigrant teens?
February 2013 Jennifer Baird
Doctoral student Jennifer Baird’s research seeks ways to deliver more effective palliative care to families with children who suffer from life-limiting or life-threatening illness.
December 2012 Andrew Schwartz
Director Patricia Grady of the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) discusses the future of palliative and end-of-life care, as well as the role that nurses and the NINR play in shaping that future.