September 2013 Martha Ross
Nurse scholar JiWon Choi tests whether a mobile phone-based app can motivate pregnant women to start exercising and experience healthy pregnancies.
September 2013 Diana Austin
Alumna Cindy Wojtecki looks at the experiences of older adults who live with implantable cardioverter defibrillators.
August 2013 Andrew Schwartz
Work at UC San Francisco School of Nursing seeks to alleviate pain during and after cancer treatment by expanding the definition of precision medicine.
August 2013 Diana Austin
A study by UC San Francisco School of Nursing’s Christine Miaskowski and Bradley Aouizerat identifies genetic predictors for lymphedema in breast cancer survivors.
August 2013 Andrew Schwartz
Bradley Aouizerat leverages epigenetics to seek new treatments for persistent pain.
August 2013 John Merriman
John Merriman’s research aims to fight cognitive changes associated with cancer treatment.
July 2013 Diana Austin
UCSF’s Catherine (Kit) Chesla delivered the 33rd Helen Nahm Research Lecture, highlighting findings from her research into families, ethnicity and chronic illness.
July 2013 Kate Darby Rauch
Rich Fidler’s rigorous testing of hospital cardiac equipment is attracting the attention of federal agencies and cardiac equipment manufacturers from around the world.
June 2013 Kate Darby Rauch
Can community choirs improve the health of older adults? Cognitive neuroscientist Julene Johnson attempts to find out.
June 2013 Martha Ross
Audrey Lyndon receives national recognition for her pioneering research on how improving team communications improves safety during labor and delivery.