May 2014 Andrew Schwartz
Mental health patients often struggle to maintain their physical health. A new, HRSA-funded initiative strives to create a national model that can help ensure these individuals get all of the care they need.
April 2014 Andrew Schwartz
Laura Wagner examines the role of health information technology in reducing a virtual epidemic of adverse events in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
April 2014 Diana Austin
At a recent conference, nurse researchers from UCSF School of Nursing and other health policy experts presented their work, as well as insights into the future of geriatric nursing.
February 2014 Andrew Schwartz
Increasingly, hospitals and medical centers are hiring PhD-prepared nurse scientists to conduct and oversee research that road tests discoveries at the bedsides of patients and beyond.
January 2014 Martha Ross
With the move to family-centered care, UC San Francisco School of Nursing scholars study various ways to highlight the unique needs and contributions of fathers.
November 2013 Kate Darby Rauch
A research team from UCSF School of Nursing cautions that the move toward patient-centered care may seriously disadvantage patients whose cultural skill set isn’t primed to direct their care.
November 2013 Susan Forsyth
To help prevent tobacco addiction in another generation of Americans, doctoral candidate Susan Forsyth says we need to examine the relationship between playing video games and young people’s smoking and other risk-taking behaviors.
September 2013 Martha Ross
Nurse scholar JiWon Choi tests whether a mobile phone-based app can motivate pregnant women to start exercising and experience healthy pregnancies.
September 2013 Diana Austin
Alumna Cindy Wojtecki looks at the experiences of older adults who live with implantable cardioverter defibrillators.
August 2013 Andrew Schwartz
Work at UC San Francisco School of Nursing seeks to alleviate pain during and after cancer treatment by expanding the definition of precision medicine.