August 2016 Yoshimi Fukuoka
Mobile diet and exercise apps are all the rage. Nurse scientist Yoshimi Fukuoka offers one model for shaping these devices so they help individuals make lasting lifestyle changes for healthier lives.
July 2016 Diana Austin
Medical anthropologist Sharon Kaufman looks at how we experience and make decisions about aging and end-of-life care.
June 2016 Diana Austin
Nurse practitioner and PhD candidate Mary Hunter’s doctoral research examines the reasons women use long-term menopausal hormone therapy despite the risks and unknowns.
June 2016 Andrew Schwartz
Driven by personal experience, Rafael Romo embarks on a research career aimed at helping patients and families make more informed decisions about the care they receive for life-threatening illnesses.
April 2016 Andrew Schwartz
Disturbed by stalled progress on reducing the incidence of preterm birth, an ambitious UCSF-led, Lynne and Marc Benioff-funded initiative aims to upend traditional approaches to researching and addressing an epidemic that affects 15 million families worldwide each year.
December 2015 Diana Austin
UC San Francisco School of Nursing Assistant Professor of Sociology Catherine Bliss examines the way genomic science intersects with ideas of race and how it impacts social justice and health.
September 2015 Martha Ross
School of Nursing faculty join in new national efforts to employ harm reduction methods to prevent and treat substance abuse disorders.
July 2015 Diana Austin
Suzanne Bakken (PhD, ’89) has been a leader in using informatics to improve care and reduce health disparities. Her current work wrestles with how to use technological trends – from big data to mobile technology – to further improve the health of the underserved.
May 2015 Diana Austin
In the United States, maternal mortality rates are on the rise. Audrey Lyndon and her colleagues studied the problem and have created a blueprint for improving communication and patient safety in maternal health care.
April 2015 Diana Austin
Social scientist Elena Portacolone explores what it means and what people need to age in place successfully.