February 2017 Elena Flowers
Nurse scientist Elena Flowers gets her genome profiled in the dawning era of accessible, affordable precision medicine.
January 2017 Diana Austin
Ifeyinwa Asiodu aims to close the breastfeeding gap in the African American community.
September 2016 Diana Austin
Mobile applications promise to help people take better care of their health. UCSF’s Linda Park is looking at ways to help patients with heart disease manage their condition and adhere to important medication therapy.
August 2016 Andrew Schwartz
With alarm fatigue causing concerns across the country, an interdisciplinary research team races to create a super alarm that would make optimal use of the abundance of clinical data available today.
August 2016 Diana Austin
The UCSF School of Nursing has created two new fellowships to support researchers exploring ECG monitoring.
August 2016 Andrew Schwartz
Yoshimi Fukuoka and her colleagues explore whether combining behavior science, big data, advanced analytics and mHealth applications can help people achieve the type of behavior change that can prevent or ease the burden of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses.
August 2016 Yoshimi Fukuoka
Mobile diet and exercise apps are all the rage. Nurse scientist Yoshimi Fukuoka offers one model for shaping these devices so they help individuals make lasting lifestyle changes for healthier lives.
July 2016 Diana Austin
Medical anthropologist Sharon Kaufman looks at how we experience and make decisions about aging and end-of-life care.
June 2016 Diana Austin
Nurse practitioner and PhD candidate Mary Hunter’s doctoral research examines the reasons women use long-term menopausal hormone therapy despite the risks and unknowns.
June 2016 Andrew Schwartz
Driven by personal experience, Rafael Romo embarks on a research career aimed at helping patients and families make more informed decisions about the care they receive for life-threatening illnesses.