December 2018 Diana Austin
The common pairing of chronic physical illness and depression is among the most difficult challenges that many people face as they age. Mijung Park’s research seeks to help older adults and their families better understand and manage the challenge.
November 2018 Diana Austin
Jason Flatt is among the first researchers to investigate the unique issues that may affect the health of LGBTQ seniors.
October 2018 Diana Austin
A major research award is enabling nurse-researcher Caroline Stephens to investigate the use of technology to improve palliative care for the nation’s vulnerable elders.
October 2018 Diana Austin
Heather Leutwyler is using video games to help older people with schizophrenia improve their mobility and health.
July 2018 Andrew Schwartz
Electronic health records and the data they bring to patient care are here to stay, but their effect on nursing care is understudied and poorly understood. Two doctoral students at the UCSF School of Nursing are bringing new insights to the discussion.
June 2018 Andrew Schwartz
Assessing the health-related costs of tobacco use is essential for motivating and shaping tobacco control efforts. Wendy Max and her team are at the center of such efforts.
November 2017 Diana Austin
With a $25 million gift, ECG innovator David Mortara establishes the Center for Physiologic Research at the UC San Francisco School of Nursing to reduce alarm fatigue and improve patient care.
November 2017 Diana Austin
For 15 years, nurse-researchers at UCSF’s Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health have helped build an evidence-based platform for increasing access to comprehensive reproductive health.
October 2017 Elena Flowers
The final installment of Professor Elena Flowers’ genomics journey.
July 2017 Andrew Schwartz
Depression among U.S. women represents a significant public health concern. Interim Dean Sandra Weiss leads a number of studies to address depression’s potential effects on women and their children.