July 2019 Diana Austin
The data says nursing and other health care professions are among the most physically dangerous occupations. Soo-Jeong Lee wants to know whether legislation aimed at keeping health workers safer has had its intended effect.
June 2019 Andrew Schwartz
A team of UCSF School of Nursing faculty members and clinical nurses from UCSF Helen Diller Medical Center at Parnassus Heights aims to speed the next generation of patient monitors into widespread clinical use.
May 2019 Andrew Schwartz
The Weiss Stress and Depression Research Lab looks to the microbiome for answers and potential preventive therapies.
April 2019 Andrew Schwartz
The UCSF School of Nursing’s Linda Franck is a global leader in the effort to improve health outcomes for babies born too soon or too small.
April 2019 Diana Austin
Health economist Jenny Liu uses innovative design thinking methods and behavioral economics to bring health care products to people in developing countries.
March 2019 Diana Austin
The UCSF School of Nursing received $9.1 million in competitive NIH grants for 2018, making it No. 2 nationwide in securing federal funding for health care research.
February 2019 Diana Austin
Ethnographer Stacy Torres discusses her unique research on social relationships among older people, and how place can affect them.
December 2018 Diana Austin
The common pairing of chronic physical illness and depression is among the most difficult challenges that many people face as they age. Mijung Park’s research seeks to help older adults and their families better understand and manage the challenge.
November 2018 Diana Austin
Jason Flatt is among the first researchers to investigate the unique issues that may affect the health of LGBTQ seniors.
October 2018 Diana Austin
A major research award is enabling nurse-researcher Caroline Stephens to investigate the use of technology to improve palliative care for the nation’s vulnerable elders.