November 2019 Milenko Martinovich
School of Nursing Associate Professor Andrew Penn is part of a team of UCSF researchers examining the effects of MDMA, a psychedelic drug, on people battling post-traumatic stress disorder. His recent published research on cannabis advocates for clinicians and patients to have a "sophisticated conversation" about cannabis to improve patient health.
November 2019 Shelley Wong
With funding from the VA Nursing Research Initiative Award, Linda Park is conducting a four-year study of antiplatelet medication adherence in veteran patients with coronary heart disease using text messaging, a mobile application, or an educational website.
September 2019 Milenko Martinovich
Wendy Max, professor of health economics and director of the School's Institute for Health & Aging, examines the human health costs of climate change.
August 2019 Milenko Martinovich
The e-cigarette epidemic among U.S. youth has the potential to be damaging to the environment.
August 2019 Andrew Schwartz
One of the first studies in the United States on NPs’ opioid prescribing habits points to gaps in the research and in NP education.
July 2019 Andrew Schwartz
Lorinda Coombs’ research found that NPs and PAs are already delivering a significant amount of cancer care, especially in rural settings. How can we leverage that previously hidden resource?
July 2019 Diana Austin
The data says nursing and other health care professions are among the most physically dangerous occupations. Soo-Jeong Lee wants to know whether legislation aimed at keeping health workers safer has had its intended effect.
June 2019 Andrew Schwartz
A team of UCSF School of Nursing faculty members and clinical nurses from UCSF Helen Diller Medical Center at Parnassus Heights aims to speed the next generation of patient monitors into widespread clinical use.
May 2019 Andrew Schwartz
The Weiss Stress and Depression Research Lab looks to the microbiome for answers and potential preventive therapies.
April 2019 Andrew Schwartz
The UCSF School of Nursing’s Linda Franck is a global leader in the effort to improve health outcomes for babies born too soon or too small.