New Mortara Fellowships to Explore and Improve ECG Monitoring

August 2016Diana Austin

A pair of new fellowships created by the UC San Francisco School of Nursing will support two researchers exploring electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring.

The fellowships are named for physician scientist and industry leader in diagnostic ECG innovation David Mortara, who established the first Distinguished Professorship in Physiological Nursing Research in 2013. Each fellow will receive $75,000 per year to support his or her work in ECG monitoring. On June 28, Michele Pelter, the current director of the School’s ECG Monitoring Research Lab, and Barbara Drew, the former director, announced postdoctoral student Adelita Tinoco as the first fellow. Tinoco will hold the fellowship for four years, to continue her exploration of solutions related to ECG monitoring. Pelter will mentor Tinoco.

Pelter and Drew will soon also select a predoctoral fellow, who will receive support for two years.