June 2012 Kate Darby Rauch
Charlene Harrington finds that at the nation’s top 10 for-profit nursing chains there is less nursing coverage and there are more deficiencies and violations than in government-run nursing homes. Why are so few people paying attention?
May 2011 Wendy Max, PhD
Economist Wendy Max explains in the 2010 Thirtieth Annual Helen Nahm Research Lecture how UCSF School of Nursing has helped her become a leader in studying the high costs of health care.
November 2010 Andrew Schwartz
The California Child Care Healthline offered an array of research-based services, health information and health education for child care providers and families to help children get a healthy start in life.
November 2010 Andrew Schwartz
Center for the Health Professions researcher Joanne Spetz analyzes the impact of health reform on nursing.