October 2013 Andrew Schwartz
Can more independent practice for nurse practitioners help address the primary care shortage? UC Health believes it can.
September 2013 Shannon Smith-Bernardin
There are policy solutions that could help address the public health problem of alcohol disorders. First, however, the terms of the debate must change.
May 2013 Kate Darby Rauch
Laura Wagner is on a mission to expose unsafe nursing home practices and develop safer alternatives.
March 2013 Andrew Schwartz
Expanded access due to the Affordable Care Act and an aging population have led to worried discussions about projected provider shortages. Three national nursing leaders discuss how advanced practice nurses can help.
February 2013 Andrew Schwartz and Lisa Cisneros
At a critical time for nursing, nursing education and health care, UCSF School of Nursing has voices in high places.
December 2012 Austin Nation
The nursing profession remains more than 90 percent female. The reasons include deeply ingrained, often unconscious biases against men in nursing. Those attitudes, writes doctoral student Austin Nation, need to change.
September 2012 Crystal Loucel
It’s been eight years since the Sullivan Commission Report. The president of the local chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses argues that important work remains to create a truly diverse workforce.
August 2012 Martha Ross
Patricia Dennehy and OiSaeng Hong are among national nurse leaders in a discussion with the White House on health care reform.
July 2012 E. Angel James
Nurse-midwife Angel James believes the ACA’s easing of access to contraception is an important step, but that halting unintended pregnancies depends more on underlying social factors that run deeper than legislative solutions.
June 2012 Ruth Malone
Nurse scientist Ruth Malone explains how better understanding the tobacco industry can help nurses in their ongoing fight against what she calls a “tobacco disease epidemic that killed 100 million people worldwide during the last century.”