July 2016 Andrew Schwartz
Policy experts help point to better ways for delivering care to patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.
April 2015 Elisabeth Fall and Andrew Schwartz
Sleep and fatigue expert Kathryn Lee – associate dean for research at UCSF School of Nursing – discusses new ANA recommendations for preventing nurse fatigue.
February 2015 Kate Horton
Doctoral student Kate Horton argues that an ongoing sex worker movement is well suited to taking the lead in forging laws and policies that will better protect the health of these workers.
December 2014 Andrew Schwartz
A busy year as a fellow in the office of Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi was an invaluable experience for faculty member Brooke Hollister, who is now applying what she learned to her work at UC San Francisco School of Nursing’s Institute for Health & Aging.
December 2014 Martha Ross
Housed at UC San Francisco School of Nursing’s Institute for Health and Aging, the Center for Transdisciplinary Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) Research in Translational Genomics brings together top experts to address the ethical, legal and social implications of bringing new genetic technology into health care.
May 2014 Susan Chapman and Bethany J. Phoenix
Are NP scope-of-practice laws and billing practices a stumbling block to meeting California’s growing mental health needs?
April 2014 Kate Darby Rauch
A new UCSF health workforce research center is charged with mapping the long-term care needs for an aging US population.
March 2014 Diana Austin
With the guidance of its new program contract director – UC San Francisco School of Nursing’s Abbey Alkon – the California SIDS Program aims to reduce the incidence and impact of sudden infant death syndrome on families in California.
February 2014 Kate Darby Rauch
Meg Wallhagen’s decades of research documenting the often overlooked problem of hearing loss among older adults is helping to create national momentum for adding hearing screening to routine primary care for adults.
November 2013 Martha Ross
Diana Taylor plays a key role in passage of a California law that expands women’s access to abortion in California – capping a career dedicated to women’s reproductive rights and quality health care.