November 2020 Milenko Martinovich
Three UCSF School of Nursing faculty members are continuing a tradition of faculty leaders who are steering impactful change on the national and international stage. As presidents of major professional nursing organizations, these faculty members are leading important initiatives — from influencing policy, to increasing diversity, to enhancing access to care — that will advance expand health care access for patients nationwide and across the globe.
February 2020 Milenko Martinovich
Despite legislation from the 1970s that still requires California nurse-midwives to practice under the supervision of a physician or surgeon, nurse-midwives are making tangible impacts in patient care and serving the underserved.
May 2019 Diana Austin
As co-director of the Shift Project, Kristen Harknett examines the impact of unstable work schedules on health and well-being to inform policymakers and consumers about the importance of fair-scheduling practices.
April 2019 Katie Machado, Ana Rothhammer-Ruiz, Marina Forte, Lisa Isola, Rachel Mathison, Ashley Moore
UCSF School of Nursing students gain invaluable advocacy experience at two events in the nation’s capitol.
January 2019 Diana Austin
Nurse-researchers are among those at the UCSF Health Workforce Research Center on Long-Term Care examining how health care workforce policy impacts America’s growing population of older adults.
August 2018 Andrew Schwartz
Two critical care experts in Puerto Rico – both of whom received their PhD degrees from the UCSF School of Nursing – demonstrate the power of evidence, education and a passion for implementing change.
September 2017 Andrew Schwartz
Passage and implementation of California’s End of Life Option Act has raised difficult questions for patients, families, clinicians, health systems and others. UCSF’s Barbara Koenig heads a project aiming to define the most critical challenges and describe how people and systems are best addressing them.
July 2016 Andrew Schwartz
Policy experts help point to better ways for delivering care to patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.
April 2015 Elisabeth Fall and Andrew Schwartz
Sleep and fatigue expert Kathryn Lee – associate dean for research at UCSF School of Nursing – discusses new ANA recommendations for preventing nurse fatigue.
February 2015 Kate Horton
Doctoral student Kate Horton argues that an ongoing sex worker movement is well suited to taking the lead in forging laws and policies that will better protect the health of these workers.