Patient Care

December 2012 Andrew Schwartz
It’s taken nearly half a century, but palliative and end-of-life care are finally beginning to establish a significant foothold in the US healthcare system. In an era of “death panel” fears, what’s next for palliative care clinicians, researchers and educators?
October 2012 Andrew Schwartz
UCSF nurse scientists OiSaeng Hong and Heather Leutwyler use interactive screens and software to reach different patient populations.
October 2012 Elizabeth Ren
Standardizing patient education can lead to more consistent delivery and outcomes, but it also can have unintended consequences when nurses lose sight of the patient in front of them.
September 2012 Andrew Schwartz
A collaboration among UCSF Medical Center, UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and UCSF School of Nursing results in the two hospitals receiving Magnet designation for excellence in nursing.
July 2012 Andrew Schwartz
Authors Gerri Collins-Bride and JoAnne Saxe discuss their new book and the future of advanced practice nursing.
May 2012 Andrew Schwartz
Hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices are racing to implement or update their electronic health records. This creates new challenges and opportunities for nurses striving to improve patient care.
November 2011 Andrew Schwartz
As UCSF Medical Center dramatically cut readmission rates for heart failure patients, nurses led the way.
November 2011 Andrew Schwartz
Can collaboration among families and clinical staff in the intensive care nursery ease infant and parental distress – and help prevent a lifetime of health challenges?
November 2011 Diana Austin
Susan Peloquin helps create UCSF’s pioneering neonatal intensive care unit to head off the neurological complications that are the leading cause of cognitive impairment and cerebral palsy in the United States.
November 2011 Rob Slaughter
Rob Slaughter thought he understood nursing science. Then he was diagnosed with a life-threatening melanoma, and abstract concepts assumed flesh-and-blood meaning.