Patient Care

November 2015 Andrew Schwartz
Nursing staff at UCSF Medical Center – including MS-HAIL graduate Tristin Penland – play an important role in advancing telehealth.
September 2015 Andrew Schwartz
Mary Naylor – a national leader in transitional care for chronically ill older adults – is the UCSF Presidential Chair for 2015-2016. We spoke with her about her work, the role of transitional care in health care reform and how she plans to use her time at UCSF.
May 2015 Andrew Schwartz
In California, there are not nearly enough mental health providers. County-run programs are particularly hard-pressed to meet the needs of the severely mentally ill. Psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs) have the right skill set to help, but can counties make full use of those skills?
March 2015 Andrew Schwartz
Patients and families with critically ill children often gain unique insights into nurses’ clinical role – a role that is far too often misunderstood.
March 2015 Andrew Schwartz
When 19-year-old Steven Rodriguez entered UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital San Francisco with a rare brain tumor, highly skilled nurses were central to his clinical care and to the emotional health of Steven and his family.
March 2015 Diana Austin
Caring for a loved one with a brain tumor presents unique challenges. Clinical nurse specialist Margaretta Page’s new program helps people cope with those challenges.
November 2014 Diana Austin
From the earliest days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic through today, UCSF nurses and faculty and alumni from UC San Francisco School of Nursing – along with partners in multiple clinical settings – have been instrumental in changing the course of the epidemic and improving the lives of people affected by it.
June 2014 Diana Austin
UCSF’s Linda Franck’s multimedia booklet enhances the tools she has created to help parents comfort their infants in the NICU.
May 2014 JoAnne M. Saxe
Adult nurse practitioner JoAnne Saxe has incorporated the concept of forgiveness into her professional practice in a way that has had an enormous impact on both her patients and her personal job satisfaction.
April 2014 Diana Austin and Andrew Schwartz
Renowned geriatrician John W. Rowe discusses how an aging population and a shortage of geriatricians present nursing with what could be a historic opportunity – and challenges the profession to seize its moment.