Patient Care

May 2014 JoAnne M. Saxe
Adult nurse practitioner JoAnne Saxe has incorporated the concept of forgiveness into her professional practice in a way that has had an enormous impact on both her patients and her personal job satisfaction.
April 2014 Diana Austin and Andrew Schwartz
Renowned geriatrician John W. Rowe discusses how an aging population and a shortage of geriatricians present nursing with what could be a historic opportunity – and challenges the profession to seize its moment.
February 2014 Colette O’Brien
As a pediatric nurse practitioner and certified diabetes educator, Colette O’Brien teaches families and students about living with diabetes.
January 2014 F. Ralph Berberich and Linda Sturla Franck
A new, evidence-based technique can reduce children’s fear of injections and, in doing so, improve individual and public health.
December 2013 Diana Austin
A unique collaborative model between certified nurse-midwives and physicians at UCSF gives women more choices for pregnancy and childbirth.
December 2013 Diana Austin
SFGH program gives pregnant women a community of support.
October 2013 Andrew Schwartz
Led by Barbara Drew, a research team from UC San Francisco School of Nursing partners with both UCSF Medical Center and GE Healthcare to confront one of the most dangerous unintended consequences of technological progress: alarm fatigue in hospitals.
September 2013 Diana Austin
In the stress and swirl of an ICU, how much of a role should bedside nurses play in leading palliative care discussions with patients and families?
September 2013 Brigid Donovan
In the aftermath of the Asiana Airlines plane crash, acute care nurse practitioners were an integral part of the team triaging and managing patients at San Francisco General Hospital.
July 2013 Andrew Schwartz
In the health care reform era, acute care NPs at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital forge new roles in pediatric intensive care and transport.