Leadership in Action: Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Student Milestones

July 2020Milenko Martinovich
Ifeyinwa Asiodu

Ifeyinwa Asiodu Honored With DuBois Researcher Award, Named K-12 Scholar

Ifeyinwa Asiodu, assistant professor in Family Health Care Nursing, has received the 2020 W.E.B. DuBois Researcher Award, which is given to a "tremendous community researcher whose work in the Academy, behind the Ivory Tower, has amplified the voices of our communities."

The award was presented July 2 by Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE), which addresses breastfeeding disparities for communities of color, during its 2020 virtual conference. Asiodu was also a featured speaker at the conference, presenting on decolonizing breastfeeding research.

Asiodu was also named a a K-12 scholar in the UCSF-KPNC Building Interdisciplinary Research in Careers in Women’s Health (BIRCWH) program. BIRCWH is a career development program for women’s health research that through financial support, targeted mentorship, and educational programs, supports the next generation of scholars. Asiodu was selected for her scholarly work that addresses an urgent public health issue, her commitment to addressing inequitable health care, her strong mentoring team, and her clear leadership potential. 

Kristen Harknett Receives Best Paper Award 

Kristen Harknett, associate professor in Social and Behavioral Sciences, co-authored an article, "Consequences of Routine Work-Schedule Uncertainty for Worker Health and Wellbeing," that received the Best Paper Award from the American Sociological Association’s (ASA) Mental Health section. It also received an Honorable Kristen Harknett Mention for the W. Richard Scott Award from the ASA’s section on Organizations, Occupations and Work.

Five Faculty Promoted to Associate Professors

Clockwise, from top left, Annesa Flentje, Helen Horvath, Aaron Miller, Elena Portacolone and Linda Park. Congratulations to five faculty members, all of whom have been promoted to associate professor effective July 1, in recognition of their achievements in scholarship, teaching and service:

A Warm Welcome to New Faculty

A warm welcome to the following new faculty members who have joined the School of Nursing over the last nine months, since September 2019:

From left, Katherine Holbrook, Shauna King Hollis, Jennifer James and Warren Krackov

From left, Francesca Nicosa, Shannon Smith-Bernardin and Michael Taigman

Linda Franck Inducted into STTI Research Hall of Fame

Linda Franck, professor in Family Health Care Nursing, was inducted into the 2020 International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame of the Sigma Theta Tau InternationalLinda Franck Honor Society of Nursing during a virtual ceremony on July 23. The honor is for venerated nurse researchers, and recognizes the significant impact her research has made on the nursing profession.

In the News: School of Nursing Faculty, Students, and Alumni Featured in the Media

Monica McLemore, was cited in the July 17 Time article "Amid Social Upheaval and COVID-19, Black Women Create Their Own Health Care Support Networks" as well as in the July 9 Rolling Stone article “Death of Sha-Asia Washington, Pregnant 26-Year-Old Black Woman, Highlights” on addressing black maternal health.

Annesa Flentje and her team’s research were the subject of a July 6 article in the Doctors LoungeblogCoronavirus Up Anxiety, Depression in the LGBTQ Community.

Charlene Harrington was quoted in the June 26 NPR KUOW piece “Why Were Some Nursing Homes Spared the Devastation of COVID-19? Depends Who You Ask”; the June 23 San Francisco Chronicle article “Coronavirus deaths at nursing homes like San Miguel in Concord driven by poor oversight”; and in the June 24 SFist article “Concord Nursing Home Outbreak Claims 15 Lives and Counting, Including One Staff Member.

”ICU nurse Jason Bloomer, who is a master’s student in the Health Policy specialty, was cited in The New York Times’ June 28 article “ ‘They Want to Kill Me’: Many COVID Patients Have Terrifying Delirium” about the care he provided to a patient who experienced hallucinations.

Jian Zhang, Chief Executive Officer of Chinese Hospital in San Francisco and an alumna of the School of Nursing, discussed how the actions of her staff has kept COVID-19 from spreading throughout San Francisco's Chinatown in this July 15 piece, "How Planning and Early Action Helped San Francisco's Chinatown Control Coronavirus," on PBS. 

Alumni Share Pandemic Stories in UCSF Magazine

School of Nursing alumni Toby Adelman (MS '93 PhD '07), Laurie Flaherty (MS '92), Jennifer Lang-Ree (MS '99) and Debbie Bamberger (MS '94) shared their stories about responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in UCSF Magazine's "Alumni Hub."

Christine Miaskowski Leads Presentation on Symptom Science Research

Christine Miaskowski, professor in Physiological Nursing, was a featured speaker at NINR’s June 22 Summer Genetics Institute Symposium, marking the Christine Miaskowski institute’s 20th anniversary. Miaskowski led the presentation “Using Omics to Understand Oncology Patients’ Symptom Experiences.”

Monica McLemore Participates in Webinars on Reproductive Justice, Racism

Monica McLemore Monica McLemore, associate professor in Family Health Care Nursing, moderated the American Public Health Association’s webinar, “A Path to Reproductive Justice: Research, Practice and Policies” on July 14. The webinar covered the historic and present-day impact of racism on the health of mothers and birthing individuals. She was also a guest speaker at a "Racism as a Determinant of Health" webinar on July 23. The webinar, organized by the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education, engaged voices from various health professions to explore how racism has operated historically to create and maintain health inequities among people of color. 

Julene Johnson, Experts Conclude Music's Support of Brain Health

Julene Johnson, professor and associate dean of research, partnered with the AARP Global Council on Brain Health to develop a June 30 report about music and the brain. The GCBH issue experts, Julene Johnson including Johnson, reached 13 points of consensus around music and healthy aging and five for treatment of disease or injuries causing cognitive impairment over the next several months as the report developed. They concluded that listening and making music holds significant potential to support brain health as people age. Read the press release.

Rosalind De Lisser Honored for Excellence in Teaching

Rosalind De Lisser Rosalind De Lisser, associate professor in Community Health Systems, has been named the 2020 recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award from the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

Annette Carley, Marianne Hultgren Present at WIN

Annette Carley, professor and associate director of the DNP program, and Marianne Hultgren, assistant professor and Annette Carley, Marianne Hultgren interim co-director of the MS-HAIL program, showcased their work at the spring 2020 Western Institute of Nursing (WIN) Conference. Carley and Hultgren created an elective series of teaching courses for the DNP program entitled "The 9th Essential: Supporting DNP students Who Anticipate Future Teaching Roles." Although the in-person conference was cancelled due to COVID-19, the posters are available on the WIN website.

Recent Publications

Capacity Building, Local Ownership and Implementation of a Multi-Level HIV/AIDS Positive Health, Dignity, and Prevention Initiative in Mozambique: Approach, Challenges and Lessons Learned — Carol Dawson-Rose, July 2020 

Economic, Mental Health, HIV Prevention and HIV Treatment Impacts of COVID-19 and the COVID-19 Response on a Global Sample of Cisgender Gay Men and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men — Glenn-Milo Santos, July 11, 2020

Nonstationary Bandits with Habituation and Recovery Dynamics — Elena Flowers, Yoshimi Fukuoka, July 9, 2020

Commentary: Alarm at the Gate — Health and Social Inequalities Are Comorbid Conditions of HIV and COVID-19 — Orlando Harris, July 2020

Nurse Staffing and Coronavirus Infections in California Nursing Homes — Charlene Harrington, Leslie Ross, Susan Chapman, Elizabeth Halifax, July 7, 2020

Pregnant Women's Acceptability of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use Screening and Willingness to Disclose Use in Prenatal Care —  Monica McLemore, July 1, 2020

Measurement of Nonbillable Service Value Activities by Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Clinical Nurse Specialists in Ambulatory Specialty Care — Susan Chapman, Karen Duderstadt, Joanne Spetz, June 30, 2020 

Healthcare Utilization of Menthol and Non-Menthol Cigarette Smokers — Yingning Wang, Hai-Yen Sung, Tingting Yao, Wendy Max, July 5, 2020

Application of Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Sampling Weights to Transgender Health Measurement — Ethan Cicero (postdoc), July 1, 2020

Pregnant Women's Acceptability of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use Screening and Willingness to Disclose Use in Prenatal Care — Monica McLemore, July 1, 2020

Op-Ed: Why Achieving Reproductive Justice Requires Investing In Black Futures — Monica McLemore, July 20, 2020

The Complexities of Wide Complex Tachycardias — Michele Pelter, July 1, 2020

Actionable Ventricular Tachycardia During In-Hospital ECG Monitoring and Its Impact on Alarm Fatigue — Michele Pelter, June 1, 2020

Direct-to-Consumer Genomic Testing: Are Nurses Prepared? — Elena Flowers, Janet Shim, Heather Leutwyler, June 27, 2020

Difficulty and Help with Activities of Daily Living Among Older Adults Living Alone With Cognitive Impairment — Elena Portacolone, June 26, 2020

Influencing Factors for Placenta Accreta in Recent 5 Years: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis — Lisa Lommel, June 17, 2020

Nurses' Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviours Related to Pressure Injury Prevention: A Large-Scale Cross-Sectional Survey in Mainland China — Lisa Lommel, June 4, 2020