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March 2019Diana Austin
Barbara Koenig

Barbara Koenig in UCSF Magazine on Making Medicine Moral

Professor Barbara Koenig, founder of the Bioethics Program in the Institute for Health & Aging, was interviewed for UCSF Magazine on the ethical issues faced by UCSF and other health care organizations.

In the article, titled “How Do We Make Medicine Moral?,” Koenig discusses medical developments like gene therapy, prenatal surgery and physician aid-in-dying and the need to provide guidance on responsible, ethical conduct to clinicians and organizations enmeshed in these developments.

Heather Leutwyler Awarded Funds for Video Game-Based Intervention Study

Heather Leutwyler Heather Leutwyler, associate professor of Physiological Nursing, has been awarded a two-year High Impact Pilot Research Award from the Tobacco Related-Disease Research Program. The award is $200,000 per year.

Leutwyler and her team will conduct a pilot two-arm, randomized controlled trial to examine the feasibility and potential efficacy of a video game-based group physical activity intervention for smoking cessation in adults with serious mental illness. The 50-minute intervention will be offered three times a week for 12 weeks, along with smoking cessation counseling and pharmacotherapy (bupropion).

Garrett Chan Named CEO of HealthImpact

Garrett Chan Garrett Chan, associate adjunct professor in Physiological Nursing, has been selected as president and chief executive officer of HealthImpact, an organization that strives to enhance the well-being of Californians through innovation, interprofessional leadership and nursing excellence.

“I am eager to take a leadership role in enhancing the organization’s impact and creating new programs to improve the health of Californians, the health care system, and nursing practice and leadership,” Chan says.

Kristen Harknett on the Impact of Unstable Work Schedules

Kristen Harknett Kristen Harknett, associate professor in Social & Behavioral Sciences and co-director of The Shift Project at the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) at UC Berkeley, has co-authored an op-ed, “For Job Quality, Time Is More Than Money,” that was published in The Hill. The op-ed explores the impact that unstable work schedules have on workers in the service sector, including on their sleep and well-being.

Yoshimi Fukuoka Publishes Column on AI’s Ability to Identify People and Their Health History

Yoshimi Fukuoka Yoshimi Fukuoka, professor in Physiological Nursing, co-authored an opinion piece, “Artificial Intelligence Could Identify You and Your Health History from Your Step Tracker,” in the January 28 issue of USA Today. The article outlines new challenges to safeguarding health-related information posed by artificial intelligence (AI).

Cees van der Vleuten Tapped as First UCSF Presidential Chair

Cees van der Vleuten In a partnership between the UCSF schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing, and pharmacy, Cees van der Vleuten has been selected as the first UCSF Presidential Chair, to offer guidance to the leaders and faculty of UCSF’s educational programs as they work to provide the highest-quality assessment and learning ecosystem to the UCSF community.

Van der Vleuten, a leader in assessment for learning, in which assessments are synthesized to depict learners’ progress through a curriculum, will collaborate with the schools of medicine and pharmacy to implement assessment for learning and programmatic assessment as a model for all UCSF schools. He will also provide advice and input to the School of Nursing, which is undergoing two accreditation reviews.

Suzette Stone on Human Connection on KQED Radio

Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Health Care Nursing Suzette Stone was featured on KQED Radio’s Perspectives. Her piece, “The Human Connection,” uses an anecdote from her pediatric clinical care practice to illustrate how clinicians who take the time to make human connections with their patients can make a difference in families’ experiences of care.

Jyu-Lin Chen Among the “Determined” Noted in UCSF Campaign Publication

Jyu-Lin Chen Jyu-Lin Chen, director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree program, is featured as part of the UCSF Campaign in the story “The Determined Who Are Pursuing Global Solutions to Childhood Obesity.”

In the piece, she shares her motivation in battling childhood obesity, particularly among Asian immigrant communities in the U.S. and among families in Taiwan and China.

Bethany Phoenix Publishes on Current PMHN Workforce

Bethany Phoenix In an article published in the January/February issue of the Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, Clinical Professor and Vice Chair of Academic Affairs Bethany Phoenix described the current psychiatric/mental health registered nursing (PMHN) workforce, noting that although PMHNs are among the largest groups in behavioral health, they are “largely invisible in the psychiatric literature.” She calls for increasing awareness of the importance of the PMHN workforce among policymakers and within the nursing profession.

Jay Hunter Nominated for National Executive Board of NAPNP

Jay Hunter Jay Hunter, assistant clinical professor and specialty director of the Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (ACPNP) Program in Family Health Care Nursing, has been nominated for a member-at-large seat on the Executive Board of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNP).

The organization, which has more than 9,000 members, is dedicated to improving the quality of health care for infants, children and adolescents, and to advancing the role of the advanced practice registered nurse in providing care to these populations.

Jason Flatt in Aging Today on Dementia Among LGBTQ Older Adults

Jason Flatt Jason Flatt, assistant professor in the Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences and assistant professor in residence at the Institute for Health & Aging, is the author of a recent article, “Understanding Dementia and Related Risk Factors in LGBTQ Older Adults,” featured in Aging Today, the newspaper of the American Society on Aging.

In the article, he discusses how older LGBTQ individuals are more likely to report higher rates of several chronic conditions that are associated with dementia.

Mijung Park Cited in Consumer Reports on Improving Understanding of Depression in Older Adults

Mijung Park Mijung Park, assistant professor in Family Health Care Nursing, was among the experts quoted in a February 4 Consumer Reports article, “How to Handle Depression in Older Adults.”

“Older adults may not really complain of sadness,” Park said. “But they may say, ‘I don’t feel joy.’ That’s a very different symptom presentation than a younger person.”

Alumna Catherine Dodd Honored by San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking

Catherine Dodd In January 2019, the San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking honored alumna Catherine Dodd (BSN ’79, MSN ’83, PhD Sociology ’07) with an Inspiring Leadership Award at San Francisco City Hall. A group of civic leaders created and co-sponsored the collaborative in December 2009, during Dodd’s tenure as then-Mayor Gavin Newsom’s deputy chief of staff for Health and Human Services, and Dodd was instrumental in convening the first meeting. 

Recent Publications

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A Pilot Study Using a Multistaged Integrated Analysis of Gene Expression and Methylation to Evaluate Mechanisms for Evening Fatigue in Women Who Received Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer (Elena Flowers, Annesa Flentje, Stephen Paul, Christine Miaskowski, Kord Kober), March 2019

Persistent Food Insecurity Is Associated with Adverse Mental Health Among Women Living with or at Risk of HIV in the United States (Emily Tuthill), February 8, 2019

Current Status and Changes in Pain and Activities of Daily Living in Elderly Patients with Osteoarthritis Before and After Unilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery (Jyu-Lin Chen), February 8, 2019

Common Challenges to Effective ABCDEF Bundle Implementation: The ICU Liberation Campaign Experience (Kathleen Puntillo), February 2019

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Rehabbed to Death (Daniel David), January 31, 2019

Partnership-Level Correlates of Sexual Risk Taking Within the Sexual Partnerships of Young Transwomen in San Francisco, California (Glenn-Milo Santos, Sean Arayasirikul), January 25, 2019

Trauma-Related Symptoms and Severity Among Women in the Pacific Rim (Pilar Bernal de Pheils), January 24, 2019

An International Mapping of Medical Care in Nursing Homes (Charlene Harrington), January 23, 2019

Students and Brides: A Qualitative Analysis of the Relationship Between Girls’ Education and Early Marriage in Ethiopia and India (Katherine McClendon), January 7, 2019

Supportive Interventions to Improve Retention on ART in People with HIV in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review (Helen Horvath), December 14, 2018

Cerebral Vascular Changes During Acute Intracranial Pressure Drop (Xiuyun Liu, Xiao Hu), December 6, 2018

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