Transition Planning Tips for Chronically Ill and Developmentally Disabled Youth

May 2012Diana Austin

In January, at, the website of the San Francisco Chronicle, autism advocate Laura Shumaker interviewed UCSF School of Nursing’s Roberta Rehm about transition planning for youth with chronic health problems and developmental disabilities.

Rehm, an associate professor in the Department of Family Health Care Nursing, is the principal investigator on an ongoing study, Youth with Complex Needs: Transition to Adulthood Plans. The study looks at the process of family decisionmaking and planning for the transition to adulthood among youth with ongoing medical and developmental challenges.

In the SFGate interview, Rehm drew on that study and her long career to outline nine tips for families embarking on transition planning. Rehm also spoke about transition planning in March at UCSF’s continuing education conference on developmental disabilities, which is open to both health professionals and parents and caregivers.