July 2015 Diana Austin
UC San Francisco School of Nursing is forging clinical partnerships to train a new generation of primary care providers to work in patient-centered, interprofessional teams.
February 2015 Andrew Schwartz
As recognition of the need for palliative care expands, UC San Francisco School of Nursing responds with an innovative new program.
October 2014 Kate Darby Rauch
UC San Francisco School of Nursing has a deep historical commitment to the health of the elderly and remains a national force in the evolving field of gerontological nursing.
October 2014 Andrew Schwartz
Changes in nursing, health care and how people learn demand changes in what and how nursing schools prepare students.
October 2014 Andrew Schwartz
UC San Francisco School of Nursing MEPN students take advantage of a top-notch simulation lab to get their initial exposure to patient care.
August 2014 Andrew Schwartz
When acute care nurse practitioners first entered inpatient settings in Central and Northern California, few knew what to make of them. Twenty years later, they are central to the delivery of care in hospitals throughout the region.
May 2014 Diana Austin
Diabetes is among the world’s most prevalent chronic diseases. Four advanced practice nursing students are receiving unique, intensive clinical training to help battle this epidemic.
April 2014 Andrew Schwartz
The inaugural group of students for a unique low-residency program in health care administration represents a diverse blend of people and professions. Many rave about their initial online and on-campus experiences.
February 2014 Andrew Schwartz
At San Francisco General’s Family Health Center, third-year medical residents work with second-year nurse practitioner students in a rich learning experience for both groups.
February 2014 Elisabeth Wilson
Physician Elisabeth Wilson’s collaborations with School of Nursing faculty members JoAnne Saxe and Pilar Bernal de Pheils provide fine models for how physicians and nurse practitioners can work together.