November 2020 Milenko Martinovich
The UCSF School of Nursing is stepping up efforts to meet that need with a new, innovative initiative that will equip nurses with the skills to lead within their organizations. In addition, the School is continuing its rich history of preparing the next generation of nurse leaders to meet growing health care demands through its academic degree programs.
September 2020 Milenko Martinovich
The UCSF School of Nursing is leveraging innovative practices and technological advancements to prepare the next generation of nurse leaders to champion health equity.
January 2020 .
UCSF, UC Davis, and UCLA partner to expand care to underserved communities by training 300 psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, starting Fall 2020
October 2019 Robin Marks
School of Nursing professors Elizabeth Gatewood and Matt Tierney collaborated with Scott Steiger at the School of Medicine to develop a course fast-tracking the process for health care professionals to treat patients battling addiction.
September 2019 Andrew Schwartz
UCSF’s thoughtful attention to attracting and meeting the needs of first-generation students who advance to graduate education in the health sciences has garnered national recognition.
February 2019 Diana Austin
UCSF has joined a small team of health care leaders that comprise the National Clinician Scholars Program. The program trains clinicians to be change agents who can drive policy-relevant research and partnerships to improve health and health care.
January 2019 Andrew Schwartz
California is experiencing a growing shortage of mental health providers. The UCSF schools of nursing and pharmacy may just have part of the solution.
September 2018 Diana Austin
Elizabeth Gatewood, director of the School’s Family Nurse Practitioner program, shares her vision for the program’s future, which emphasizes empowering faculty to educate a new generation of learners.
August 2018 Stephanie Kennell-Heiling
The 2018 UCSF School of Nursing Outstanding Master’s Student of the Year travels to Malawi and works with nurse-midwives there and Partners in Health to help standardize and improve childbirth practices in the African country.
May 2018 Diana Austin
The School’s new Rural Health Advanced Practice Training program and rural health minor train nurse practitioners and preceptors to confront the challenges of providing care in some of California’s most underserved areas.