February 2013 Diana Austin
The innovative use of Indiegogo crowdfunding supports midwifery services and training in Guatemala.
August 2012 Martha Ross
The UCSF schools of nursing and dentistry join the national Elev8 effort to improve health care for underserved Oakland middle school students.
May 2012 Diana Austin
Sausalito’s “anchor-outs” are a diverse group of individuals, many of whom live on low incomes, on run-down boats. Last fall, a group of UCSF nursing students joined an effort to meet the anchor-outs’ unmet health needs.
May 2012 Diana Austin
UCSF School of Nursing Professor Roberta Rehm offers nine research-based ideas for families.
November 2011 Diana Austin
A Fulbright-funded exchange program seeks to improve the care of marginalized populations and underserved people from distinct parts of the globe.
November 2011 Catherine Rauch
Professor emerita Erika Froelicher helps build a program to train nurses in Jordan.
November 2011 Catherine Rauch
Doctoral student hopes to develop strategies to reduce smoking and heart disease in his native Jordan.
November 2010 Andrew Schwartz
Suellen Miller has dedicated her long career to enhancing the safety of childbirth, including helping to spread the use of a simple device that saves the lives of postpartum moms in developing countries.
November 2010 Andrew Schwartz
A UCSF and San Francisco State University collaboration builds family and community understanding for LGBT youth.
November 2010 Diana Austin
The largest nurse-managed health center on the West Coast uses data and federal funds to improve care.