October 2017 Andrew Schwartz
Alumni and pediatric nurse practitioners Claire Parker and Elizabeth Colglazier organize a camp dedicated solely to kids with pulmonary hypertension.
September 2017 Jenny Mendez Butler
A master’s degree student from the UCSF School of Nursing Diabetes Minor has a transformative experience as a counselor at a Navajo Area Indian Health Service camp for kids.
August 2017 Diana Austin
A School of Nursing program aims to reduce young children’s exposure to pesticides.
June 2017 Andrew Schwartz
As the number of older adults in the United States continues to grow, California’s only free, objective and comprehensive guide to long-term care services could disappear unless it can find a new funding source.
December 2016 Andrew Schwartz
Experts now believe that as many as half of all cancers can be prevented. That is spurring a growing number of prevention initiatives, with nurses and nurse scientists front and center.
October 2016 Diana Austin
Global Health Nursing Fellow Sarah Meyer discusses the challenges of responding to a mass casualty incident in a hospital in rural Haiti.
September 2016 Marsha Michie
In the first in a series of posts on bioethical issues in health care, Marsha Michie of the UCSF Bioethics team, explores some of the concerns raised by the emergence of noninvasive prenatal testing.
April 2016 Martha Ross
A UCSF collaboration gives women at risk for incarceration hope for their futures. In return, they provide essential birthing services to incarcerated women and those in need in Alameda County.
March 2016 Diana Austin
A partnership between UCSF and the nonprofit organization DYF (Diabetes Youth Families) offers families and clinicians in training a unique opportunity to learn together.
December 2015 Andrew Schwartz
From remarkably diverse perspectives, three advanced practice nurses talk about their essential roles in maintaining the health of two of California’s largest cities.